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The Meaning of the word “Mo’ed”

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  • Upcoming New Moon and Calendar Dates:

    Watch for the New Moon at sunset on these upcoming dates:

    West Coast of U.S.

    Moonwatch, Thursday, April 23, 2020. California sunset will be at about 7:46 pm. and moonset is about 8:31. At the time of sunset, the moon will be only 8 degrees above the horizon and 8 degrees to the south of the sun. Look carefully. Post your photos and your sighting comments here.

    East Coast of U.S.

    Moonwatch, Thursday April 24, 2020

    What we saw:

    Southern California (L.A. area) the moon was sighted April 23 at 8:05 pm PDT. It was seen only with binoculars as it straddled the horizon. It was extremely thin.

    Other experienced and diligent seekers did not see the moon from Northern California (Sacramento) on April 23.


    Calendar Dates for Northern California

    The Hosts of this website will observe the New Year on April 25, 2020. This means we will observe the Spring Feasts as follows:

    New Year, Saturday April 25.

    Passover, Friday May 8.

    1st of Unleavened Bread (a Sabbath), Saturday May 9.

    Wave Sheaf (firstfruits offering), Sunday May 10.

    7th of Unleavened Bread (a Sabbath), Friday May 15.

    Pentecost (a Sabbath), Sunday June 28.


    A note about barley, Spring 2019: The Biblical New Year for 2019 was on Monday May 6.

    On April 17, 2019 the barley was ripening, some was still in flower and some was still grass.



    But on Thursday May 23, 3 days before the wave sheaf, the heads were full and the field was almost ready for the harvest.



    The Bible tell us the month begins later than you think. Find out why.