Prophecy Quick Facts

Armageddon = a battle between God and Satan over your allegiance. The battle is the Lord’s and He urges us to “Not Be Afraid.” Armageddon is not a physical location on earth, but an event in which the multitudes of the world will choose their King. This will be a controversy between truth and error that covers the globe. You are going to need a love for the truth in order to come out on the winning side.

The 7 Seals of Revelation = These are a series of stages in the Plan of Salvation beginning with the First Coming of Christ and ending with His Second Coming. All 7 Seals are mapped out in the prophecy of Daniel 7 and 8. Opening a Seal reveals a new chapter  in the mystery of Daniel’s sealed Scroll as we march forward in time. These 7 Seals are:

1) Christ conquering death and the beginning of the Christian Church during the time of the Apostles.

2) The reign of the Ancient Roman Empire, including the rise of the Catholic Church, the Dark Ages, the martyrs of Europe.

3) The rise and dominion of the United States, Protestantism and justice as God opened a gateway for Christians to escape religious persecution. This is a time when democracy will spread and people will experience prosperity. These comforts will allow the Gospel to thrive and the Holy Spirit to develop God’s final people.

4) The final earthly kingdom which will begin as a conglomerate of 10 nations and 7 religious powers. This will rapidly become a new and dominant world power. Its hallmark is to break up borders and boundaries and subdue the inferior kingdoms that are not part of its global confederacy.

5) The rise of an individual “power” called the Little Horn who will turn the world power into a people-persecuting power, will change God’s calendar, will claim to be as supreme as God and will eventually lift up the final Antichrist. This will include a time of martyrs, lies and false religious zeal. It will also be a time when enlightened religious truth will be proclaimed. This begins the Battle of Armageddon.

6) A period which will see the “shaking of the powers of heaven” as there is both cosmic commotion and also a great time of preaching, miracles, truth v. error and the final cry to the world to choose its King. This is the time of the 7 Trumpets and the battle or Armageddon.

7) The Second Coming of Christ. All the kingdoms of this world will be dissolved and Christ Jesus will become King over all. The Almighty Father will put an end to the reign of the Little Horn and turn all the kingdoms of this world over to the Saints of the Most High. They will not take possession of the kingdom until after the 1000 year millennium of Revelation 20.

The 7 Thunders of Revelation = 7 Profound revelations of truth that will only be revealed to mankind in the last days. These may pose a test of faith for the people of God.

The 7 Trumpets of Revelation = 7 End-time events that are going to get the attention of everyone on the planet. The first 4 appear to be cosmic events, probably some form of meteor showers. These only destroy a fraction of the earth. The last 3 are called “Woes.” Woe 1 is a strong message to the stragglers who have not made their final choice for or against God. Woe 2 is an even stronger appeal that ends with all people alive having made their final choice. Woe 3 in the final Atonement when the kingdoms of this world will all be given to Christ and He will reign forever. There will no longer be forgiveness for sin–but no one else wanted it anymore anyway. The 7 Trumpets sound during the Sixth Seal. The 7th Trumpet concludes with the 7th Seal when Christ makes the Atonement.


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