Righteousness By Faith—Becoming the 144,000 Video Series

Part 1 of 6:  “If you will Obey My Voice”

Download a PDF of Talk 1 – “If you will indeed obey My voice.”

Part 2 of 6:  “And Keep My Covenant”


Part 3 of 6:  70 Weeks to Bring in Righteousness


Part 4 of 6:  Following the Glory of God

Part 5 of 6: Preparation for Pentecost


Part 6 of 6:  “A Strong People, set in Battle Array”

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  • Upcoming New Moon and Calendar Dates:

    Watch for the New Moon at sunset on these upcoming dates:

    West Coast of U.S.

    Moonwatch, Wednesday, May 1, 2022 

    We will be watching for the moon on May 1 and expect it will be seen at twilight from any location in North America on that date. 

    Spring Feasts for Northern California

    New Year,  Monday May 2, 2022.

    Take in the Lamb, Wednesday May 11.

    Passover,  Sunday May 15.

    1st of Unleavened Bread (a Sabbath),  Monday May 16 

    Wave Sheaf (firstfruits offering), Sunday May 22.

    7th of Unleavened Bread (a Sabbath), Sunday May 22.

    Pentecost (a Sabbath), Sunday July 10.


    A note about barley, Spring 2019: The Biblical New Year for 2019 was on Monday May 6.

    On April 17, 2019 the barley was ripening, some was still in flower and some was still grass.



    But on Thursday May 23, 3 days before the wave sheaf, the heads were full and the field was almost ready for the harvest.



    The Bible tell us the month begins later than you think. Find out why.