Thoughts on Truth


no matter how strongly opposed, disdained or rejected,
is strong and enduring.

Truth will never falter or fall,
no matter how much it may be beaten or abused.

Those who oppose truth will eventually fail,
no matter how strong and self-assured they feel at the moment.

Truth will last for eternity.
Those who disdain it will not.

Truth is stable, secure
and the only foundation that will not crumble.
Whatever is built upon it will stand firm.

Our insecurities, fears and self-assurance
are no match against Truth.

Truth is also Righteous,
making it the only safe ground to stand on.

Truth has all God’s love and power behind it.
Our fears and insecurities will melt away
as fog before the hot sun.

Truth is bright, shining, clear and free.
It cannot be taken captive or ruled,
although many have tried to kill, destroy and defame it.

Truth is free and fair.
It does not discriminate or pick fights,
but it can separate and divide.


But Truth can be joined.

Whoever embraces Truth
stands firmer with it than they would ever stand on their own.

Truth gives us only two choices:

To move towards it, embrace it, love and trust it
——to choose to stand with it and be part of it.

Or to spend all our time, effort, energy
——including emotional resources and reserve——
fighting and opposing it,
only to lose all in the end.

There is no other ground.

Which is the better long-term investment?
Choose wisely! JLM

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