September 27. On this date in history, Albert Einstein submitted a paper containing his theory on the relationship between energy and mass and light. Earthsky.org published an article which you can view here: http://earthsky.org/human-world/this-date-in-science-emc2 There are so many directions your mind could take when reading this article. They chose to…

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The Sun

The original email that came to me from Earth/Sky.org is about a double eclipse caught on camera by the SDO satellite. (NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory) The SDO has been positioned to observe the sun and capture data. From SDO’s perspective, there are two eclipses per year. But this time, on…

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Humpback Whale Heroes

Animals are so much smarter than we think. And they have a sense of right and wrong. I’ve heard it argued that animals can have no salvation because they don’t recognize wrong or their need of Salvation, nor do they have a “conscience.” I don’t know about this. I once…

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  • Upcoming New Moon and Calendar Dates:

    Watch for the New Moon at sunset on these upcoming dates:

    West Coast of U.S.

    Moonwatch, Sunday and Monday, Oct 15 & 16, 2023 

    We expect the New Moon to be seen on October 16 from any location in North America. 

    Autumn Feasts for Northern California

    Feast of Trumpets (a Sabbath), Tuesday October 17. This is the first day of the 7th month. 

    Day of Atonement (a Sabbath), Thursday October 26.

    Feast of Tabernacles begins, Tuesday October 31 (a Sabbath) and continues through Monday November 6.

    Last Great Day (a Sabbath), Tuesday November 7.


    A note about barley, Spring 2019: The Biblical New Year for 2019 was on Monday May 6.

    On April 17, 2019 the barley was ripening, some was still in flower and some was still grass.



    But on Thursday May 23, 3 days before the wave sheaf, the heads were full and the field was almost ready for the harvest.



    The Bible tell us the month begins later than you think. Find out why.